About Me

You are a teacher because you want to make a difference every day.

You strive to make a difference in children’s’ lives as you help them reach their potential. You live for those shining moments:

⇒ when that reluctant reader can’t put a book down

⇒ when a student no longer uses their fingers to solve math problems

⇒ when that student, who can drive you crazy with all the interruptions and patience tests they give, hugs you saying “you’re my favorite teacher (insert your name here).”

The passage to those events is not easy. It is wavy, bumpy with no clear path. Often you ask yourself

→ Is there a way to make it better?

→ Am I doing enough for my students?

→ Are my students motivated, engaged, challenged, successful and having fun?

→ Am I enjoying what we are doing? Are they?

→ Was I meant to be a teacher? (Hint: If you are here, you were.)

You are not alone.

I feel your tiredness.

I asked those same questions. And now I’m here to help you.

Welcome fabulous teacher!


It is my mission to support passionate lower elementary teachers renew their joy in teaching with effective and compelling math and literacy resources.

After teaching in districts where I was told exactly when, what, and how to teach, regardless of who my students were, I found my joy in teaching sinking. Years later, I find myself in a classroom where I regained that teaching freedom and joy. Each year I teach the way that’s best for my students, so their ever growing skills are challenged with activities they enjoy much more than worksheets and tests.

Here at Lake Effective Teaching and my online store, I offer math and literacy resources, tips, and tricks that are easy to prep, effective and compellinghelp students with the trickiness of our English language, hands-on math projects that can double as assessments, create stronger spellers, readers, writers, and mathematicians, and renew fun and enjoyment for you and your students.

If you are ready to be that less tired, more joyful lower elementary teacher dive deeper into Lake Effective Teaching, subscribe to the newsletter and follow my TpT store.


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